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Report TripActions 10 Business Travel Trends for 2020

10 Business Travel Trends for 2020

For the decision makers that oversee corporate travel policy & spending decisions— including CFOs, Procurement, Operations HR and Travel Management leaders—it can be difficult to keep track of it all.

How much will changing employee behavior impact the success of their programs? What tools should they utilize to balance the needs of travelers and the demands of the company balance sheet? And which industry-level trends will have a meaningful impact on their business? Download this report to discover what 2020 holds for the business travel sector.

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The ten trends for 2020, identified below, focus on a variety of themes:

  1. The Power of Being There in Person
  2. Designing Great User Experiences to Boost Adoption
  3. Travelers Demand an End-to-End Experience
  4. Winning the Price, Loyalty, and Experience Trifecta
  5. Platforms Simplify the Ancillary Purchase Process
  6. Expanding the Sharing Economy
  7. Bleisure Travel is the New Black
  8. Rethinking Corporate Travel Expenses
  9. Business Travel Culture Drives Company Success
  10. Taking Care of Business, the Traveler, and the Planet