Planning Your Next Business Trip: 12 Countries with the Fastest Internet


Elsie WeisskoffContent Marketing Specialist at Siege Media

Friday, March 27, 2020

The Internet has become a business travel essential. When packing for a business trip, your computer is probably tucked away next to your travel pillow and passport. But what good is a computer if you can’t connect to the internet? Or worse, you can connect but the rainbow circle of death starts spinning any time you try to load a page.

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Planning Your Next Business Trip: 12 Countries with the Fastest Internet

Fast internet can make all the difference in a trip. It allows you to check-in with your team, complete any necessary tasks and stay on top of your work so you can have the time to explore your destination.

Internet restrictions to be aware of

Speed isn’t the only concern when it comes to using the internet abroad; there could be internet restrictions that prevent you from getting your work done. Internet use laws will vary based on the country and they could be different from what you’re accustomed to.


Some countries allow the surveillance of your browsing and online communications. This is mostly done by the government. If you’re working in a country that allows this, be aware of what you’re browsing and saying.

Network access inequality

Net neutrality is when internet users are able to access all content and applications. The opposite of net neutrality is network access inequality. With network access inequality, countries can favor or block products or websites.

Restricted speech

Some countries have freedom of speech while others have restricted speech. In countries with restricted speech, if you express your opinion openly, you may be restrained or punished. This is important to be aware of if you’re doing work that involves expressing a strong option.

To help you when travelling for business, Panda Security created a guide on the countries with the fastest internet and what restrictions they may have. Read through to learn more about what to expect from your next trip abroad.

Panda reveals which 12 countries have the fastest internet speeds, along with a look at their restrictions

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