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Report Jabra Headset Benefits in a Unified Communications Environment

Headset Benefits in a Unified Communications Environment

In a service environment, people need to collaborate in order to provide an outstanding customer experience based on the fast, efficient provision of accurate information.

A growing number of organisations are adopting Unified Communications (UC), which integrates email, telephony, instant messaging, voicemail and web conferencing in a single system. This paper presents the results of an independent study into the use of UC-optimised headsets, which investigated the impact of a UK organisation’s move from handsets to headsets in a UC environment and the resulting benefits.

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UC-optimised headsets provide optimum conditions for high quality customer interactions:

  • 50% reduction in typical call length
  • Daily savings of two hours through reduction in call handling and wrap-up
  • Increase in first call resolution
  • Wideband sound so the wearer can hear and be heard by the customers
  • Easy multi-tasking during calls to boost productivity
  • Realising the potential of collaboration opportunitie afforded by a UC environment