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Report Neustar- Pay or Else DDoS Ransom Attacks

Pay or Else DDoS Ransom Attacks

When you hear “ransom attack” you probably think of ransomware – the malware that can encrypt or block files or entire systems until you pay the attacker to restore access. But there’s been a massive surge in a virulent new type of ransom attack. And the defenses you have established to fight ransomware won’t help defeat this new threat, because it doesn’t require malware. Instead, the extortionists simply threaten to shut down your network with a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack at a specified day and time – unless you pay. And they’ve done it, freezing the websites of major organizations around the world.

Report Snap Shot

  • Why these new attacks are so dangerous
  • Trends in the attacks – and who they’ve already paralyzed
  • How a typical attack unfolds
  • What to do if you’re threatened
  • How to prepare to fight one off successfully