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  • How to Evaluate Your DDoS Attack Prevention/No-Nonsense Reliability Guide
Report Neustar - How To Evaluate Your DDOS Attack Protection: A No-Nonsense Guide To Reliability

How to Evaluate Your DDoS Attack Prevention/No-Nonsense Reliability Guide

Larger and more intense DDoS attacks are now more likely to target your changing network – with serious impacts for your organization. An attack can cut off access to your customers and business partners, freeze your employees out of critical applications and assets, and expose your business to exorbitant ransom demands. Your DDoS protection must be utterly reliable. That’s why a periodic evaluation of your DDoS defenses is so important, ensuring that your protection covers your evolving network against the intensifying threat of DDoS attacks. This white paper explores the options for each, and outlines what to look for to establish DDoS protections that will best serve your needs and defend your network.

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  • Strategy: how you utilize a DDoS mitigation specialist, and the role of on-premise mitigation (if any)
  • Technology: the tools and capabilities your partner can bring to bear to mitigate an attack
  • Partner: the qualities and capabilities to consider in selecting a mitigation partner