5 IoT Core Building Blocks that Help Revitalize and Modernize Entire Industries


Xavier DupontSenior Director Product Line at Lantronix

Monday, September 27, 2021

Even historic industries demand modern solutions. The five Cs offer valuable guidance as to how a company can go about achieving forward-looking objectives—especially when it comes to problems pertaining to Internet of Things (IoT) or out-of-band management (OOBM). With the five Cs of IoT as your compass, your business can adapt to the modern era and continue to thrive now and in the future.

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5 IoT Core Building Blocks that Help Revitalize and Modernize Entire Industries
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  • 5 IoT Core Building Blocks that Help Revitalize and Modernize Entire Industries

It’s important to understand that the 5Cs are not rungs on a ladder. They aren’t independent variables; rather, the five Cs are an integrated framework to approach your specific problems. Each C must necessarily be linked to all the other Cs in order to manifest a fully realized technological solution. By combining them, you’ll be able to revitalize any industry.

1. Collect

The IoT is built upon data. Therefore, it makes sense that your business would be built on this data, too. By gathering data, you’ll be able to have the widest, most detailed understanding of all aspects of your business. You can think of data as the raw material and collection as the tool within the five Cs that allows you to make the most out of that material.

But collecting data isn’t simply about gathering it. Your customers and industry will also look for assurance that this data is being secured and kept out of the hands of bad actors. It’s crucial to implement systems that provide airtight protection and grounded hardware to ensure that only those who should have access to your data are the only people that will.

2. Connect

With a world so interlinked by data, it should come as no surprise connection would be important to a technological solution. It helps to imagine connectivity happening through two pathways. There is physical connection, which you can achieve through hardware solutions, but connectivity is also a frame of mind - an adaptable approach to your industry. This level of connection also means you can quickly shift your strategies based on new information, ensuring that you’re able to adjust to whatever the modern world throws your way.

3. Compute

Connecting and collecting data won’t help without a way to calculate and put this data into action. IoT hardware solutions consist of a number of tools that you can use to compute your data, all to help you better understand it. Software and AI systems make way for machine learning to ensure that computations using your data are carried out at rapid speed. A modern industry moves at high speed, after all. Your business’s back-end computations should, too.

4. Comprehend

Computations convert your data into a picture of numbers and trends. But how are you supposed to understand what any of this means?

It’s important to have a framework to translate computations into easy-to-understand, actionable metrics. By ensuring that your data is organized and easy to digest, you can be confident that you’re making the best choices for your business at every step of the way. If you’re still having trouble understanding your specific data, Lantronix also offers software that can carry out this work for you.

5. Control

At the end of the day, having data and knowing what to do with it is great, but where would your industry be if you had no control over these distinct stages of your technological solutions?

The controls for your company belong only in your own hands. IoT solutions may handle the heavy-lifting, but at every stage, you need to be the one in charge so that you can make choices that seem best for the direction you’re hoping to take your company.

A modernized, revitalized business might depend on technological solutions, but it still relies on that human touch. IoT tools aren’t independent from the decisions you make as a business. Rather, they’re tools for you to make the best choices you can, pointing you in the direction of strategies that will benefit your customers at every stage of IoT and OOBM solutions.

Examples of the five Cs in action

The five Cs might be easy to understand apart from each other, but it’s how they go together that truly revitalizes an industry. Your company’s specific situation determines how to go about interconnecting these principles—and how you’ll approach your own business solutions.

Let’s look at two of the most common examples of how IoT can revolutionize businesses across different industries:

Remote connectivity for work-from-home

In a world of work-from-home business models, how do you ensure that your employees are working just as efficiently as they would be in those office cubicles? Is there any way to replicate that dynamic office space when everyone is apart? IoT connectivity services offer a solution that has allowed businesses to make changes to distanced work environments—without needing to give up any of the connections that power a typical work space.

Secure data collection

Of course it’s vital that data be collected in a way that puts security at the forefront. IoT allows your company to set up a centralized data collection hub,  one that allows you to remain connected to the data necessary for your business to thrive, while assuring that this sensitive information is secure.

The five Cs, all together

Any business can take on a data forward, technological strategy utilizing the power of IoT. For a company looking to modernize, this can often be seen as the end-all be-all, but providing grounded software and hardware solutions is more than just a means to an end: it’s the growth, scalability and modernization of the business in and of itself.

With interconnected solutions, the five Cs are the best way to be sure that your industry is operating in a direction that looks forward towards an interconnected future.

Xavier Dupont

Senior Director Product Line at Lantronix


Xavier is the Senior Director Product Line, at Lantronix, a global provider of turnkey solutions and engineering services for the internet of things (IoT). Xavier’s and Lantronix’s goal is to enable IoT and their clients digital transformation by providing technology block from sensing, to data collection and visualization.


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