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Intelligent Automation

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Kofax software enables organizations to work today like the digital workforce of tomorrow. Our intelligent automation platform helps streamline business process, reduce data error and cost, and improve customer engagement. We combine  RPA, Cognitive Capture, Process Orchestration, Mobility & Engagement and Analytics in one solution making it easy to implement, scale, and gain dramatic, immediate results.

The Roadmap to Intelligent Automation


The modern enterprise must combine the power of AI and automation to meet customer demands and transform operations, or risk falling behind their competition.


Improving the Customer Journey

Digital transformation has significantly changed how businesses operate today. Discover how IA and RPA can improve the customer journey.

Kofax The State of Intelligent Automation

The State of Intelligent Automation

Perhaps no other technology has driven more of a workforce revolution than intelligent automation. Previous periods of industrial revolution have focused on humans and physical machines working together. Today’s revolution is about improving the customer and employee experience, enabling automation tools to operate alongside humans and free them to focus on higher-value work.

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  • The senior executive self-assessment
  • The document dilemma
  • The barriers to automation 

Digital Workflow Transformation

Harness Intelligent Automation to unlock document intelligence, connect disparate systems and orchestrate workers to execute and automate workflows.

Every day the news is filled with stories of the problems, delays and costs associated with Brexit.

But there’s hope. A new breed of intelligent automation makes it possible to cope with Brexit’s paperwork and adapt your workflows to increasingly complicated import and export procedures.


92% of employees report higher levels of satisfaction as a result of automation.

The CIO’s Guide to Intelligent Automation


IA Assessment: Discover How Automation Can Help You in 2020

Want us to identify data-centric and manual processes within your organization that could be fully automated or augmented with AI-empowered IA?