Auditboard Strengthening FinServ Controls Through Collaboration

Strengthening FinServ Controls Through Collaboration

On the heels of several history-making bank collapses in the first quarter of 2023, financial institutions must fortify their internal controls programs to respond to greater oversight from federal regulators. Legal and financial experts predict small and midsize banks will likely bear much of the increased scrutiny that will emerge from their reports and recommendations this year. Areas where banks are expected to face stricter rules and supervision include contingency planning, interest rate management, asset liability, market capital requirements, and more. With new regulations on the horizon, financial institutions must also contend with existing compliance concerns, including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) requirements, crypto assets, and new forms of technology-driven financial fraud. A strategic and proactive approach will be essential to navigating this intensifying landscape. Even though risk, compliance, audit, and management each play different roles in a regulatory compliance program, there are natural areas of crossover in their responsibilities. However, teams must guard against the use of different methodologies, duplicative assurance activities, and poor visibility that lead to inefficiency.

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  • 2023: A Compliance Pressure Cooker 
  • Strengthening Organizational Risk Management Starts With the Three Lines 
  • Existing Collaboration Challenges Across the Three Lines 
  • Activating Collaboration Through Shared Resource Creation 
  • Optimizing Collaboration Between the Three Lines 
  • Harnessing Technology to Further Synchronize Collaboration

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