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The State of Enterprise Security 2022


A single exposed flaw can expose your firm to a major breach. And as the landscape of “the new normal” becomes clearer, it’s time to see how IT is dealing with the current security threats.

The State of Enterprise Security in 2022

The State of Enterprise Security in 2022

A single exposed flaw or missed vulnerability can expose an entire business to a major breach and the operational, reputational and legal repercussions they bring. To explore the current security landscape, Insights for Professionals surveyed 205 senior IT pros to establish their priorities and concerns when it comes to enterprise security in 2022 and beyond.

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  • 78% of small to medium sized companies (250 to 999 employees) are concerned about malware
  • 44% of businesses and IT leaders reported a major rise in business email-based attacks
  • Only 45% of businesses with 1,000 to 4,999 employees catch intrusions within 24 hours

Simplify your cybersecurity.

The rapid pace of change, both in the threats we face as well as in preventative technology, has resulted in widespread confusion. What key technologies do you need, and who should you partner with to secure your defenses?