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Are You Identifying Gaps in Your Endpoint Security?


The cloud is exposing you to increasingly sophisticated and damaging cyberattacks. Therefore, developing a multi-layered endpoint security plan is key to boosting your defenses and mitigating risk.

Carbon Black A Guide to Replacing Antivirus with Advanced Endpoint Security

A Guide to Replacing Antivirus with Advanced Endpoint Security

If you’re dealing with outdated antivirus solutions, your risk of experiencing damaging attacks is increasing exponentially. But upgrading your protection is never easy. You need a way to upgrade without bringing the productivity of your team to a halt. Further, you need to be sure your protection continues to advance with today’s cyberattackers.

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This guide will provide the steps you need to take to confidently move “improving endpoint protection” to the top of your to-do list. Highlights include

  • Benefits of switching to the cloud
  • Step-by-step guide to upgrading endpoint protection


Simplify your cybersecurity.

The rapid pace of change, both in the threats we face as well as in preventative technology, has resulted in widespread confusion. What key technologies do you need, and who should you partner with to secure your defenses?