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Report A Complete Guide to Absence Management

A Complete Guide to Absence Management

A guide to attracting, managing, and activating top talent

Absence management might seem like a straightforward job. You make sure you’re compliant with legal regulations, you pay people legally, you set a policy that discourages unplanned and uncommunicated absence. But it’s more than that. Effective absence management is part art and part science. Get it wrong and you can seriously hamper your business financially, create a negative company culture and miss out on the opportunity to improve efficiency. A business should strive for a present, productive and effective workforce. Absence management is a vital foundation to achieving that. Get it right and you will gain a crucial picture of how your business really works.

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This guide is designed for business and HR leaders in growing companies that are interested in HR as a value driver and strategic function to accelerate growth. In this report, ADP explain how to audit for absence and the data to measure, how to write your absence management policy, and the best ways to manage and implement these policies