Showcasing Your Company During Interviews


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Monday, December 18, 2017

Making the most of the interview stage is almost as important for the interviewer as it is for those they are interviewing.

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Showcasing Your Company During Interviews

Often the focus in an interview is on how the candidate can make the right first impression and, of course, this is an important part of the process. However, it's also crucial that companies do their utmost to showcase themselves during this period.

More and more professionals, especially those with the most in-demand skills, are looking at the type of employer they would be working for, as well as the specific job in question. This means that, if you want to secure the best talent in your sector, you need to make sure you are showing yourself to be a worthy employer.

This can be difficult to do without sounding like you're boasting about your business, which can risk alienating the candidate you want to attract. However, there are effective ways of showing that you are a good company to work for in an interview process.

Focus on your core values

You should make sure your core values are clear to the candidate during the interview process. This is an important part of showcasing who you are as a company to potential new starters and whether they will get on well with the staff you already have.

Encouraging a conversation about these can be a good way of demonstrating what is important to you as a company, while also understanding more about the candidate you're interviewing.

Show off your team

You should be proud of the people who work for you, and they themselves should reflect the values and ethos of the wider company. This means that allowing time for candidates to meet and talk with employees is a crucial part of ensuring that they will want to accept any job offer from you.

Collaboration is an important part of any business, so don't just restrict this to the manager or team they will be working with but try and get them to have a fair cross-section of the company.

Consistency is key

Whether you want your business to be defined as professional and an industry leader, or a relaxed place that really values and rewards its employees, you need to make sure every stage of the interview reflects this. From the invite for the interview to greeting them when they arrive and, of course, the process itself. It's important that the candidate gets the same consistent message of who your company is.

Failing to do this will look like you are putting on a front for the interview, and leave potential employees feeling confused about what a job with you would be like.

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