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Report Marklogic Achieving Data Excellence in Financial Information Management

Achieving Data Excellence in Financial Information Management

A Guide to Driving Real Business and Customer Value for Financial Data Leaders

Financial institutions have accumulated large quantities of valuable data and metadata, but the levels of maturity in terms of how they utilize that data differ from one organization to another. For many organizations, data still resides in different data stores within the enterprise—discovering, consolidating, and integrating that data in a way that increases its relative value remains a challenge. This report shows how companies can achieve their data management goals, and how being proactive can be the key to keeping on top of your data.

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  • Key Insights 
  • Financial Organizations Are Approaching High Levels of Data Maturity 
  • AI and ML Prove Effective for Automation, with More Opportunities Ahead 
  • Data Operations Will Migrate to the Cloud in the Next Three Years