4 Excel Shortcuts Every Accountant Should Know


Hannah SharronEditor at Spreadsheeto

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Excel is one of - if not the most - popular spreadsheet software around. And when you spend all day, every day working in spreadsheets, it's crucial you're as efficient as possible.

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4 Excel Shortcuts Every Accountant Should Know

According to research, you would be 4.5x more productive using Excel keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse. People engaged in finance, research and development niches spend around 30% of their working lives spreadsheeting – that’s around 2.5 hours a day. With the right excel hacks, you could drastically reduce that time!

Keyboard shortcuts occur everywhere, for every type of software and program and it simply requires users learning the nuances of the software they’re using.

Excel is no exception. It’s a popular program that offers great functionality and the best bit? There are loads of easy shortcuts that will really save you time.

If you need to submit a budget plan or consider the profitability of the company (or any department) – there’s no better (and easier) tool than Excel. Take a look at the shortcuts below and soon you’ll be an Excel pro.

Excel shortcuts for accountants

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