4 Trends Shaking Up Accounting in 2021


Tom FogdenWriter at Tech.co

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Accountancy is often seen as a fairly static profession. However, with new technological developments, it’s becoming a rapidly evolving sector of the market.

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4 Trends Shaking Up Accounting in 2021

Blockchain and automation technologies, for example, will help reduce workloads and improve efficiency — and shouldn’t lead to job losses, either. Accountants will also be able to work remotely, with cloud-based systems and the onset of the coronavirus pandemic forcing a shift in working cultures around the world.

Even if you aren’t an accountant, these changes will have significant impacts on the world of work. With so many businesses relying on platforms such as Uber Eats or Etsy, accountants and auditors will have to get used to working with these new systems in new ways. Even large companies will see the impact of these new technologies on their day-to-day work so it’s in everyone’s best interests to become acquainted with the upcoming changes.

Tech.co has gathered a list of the most prominent changes set to hit the world of accounting this year, with stats and industry insight to back up the claims.

The Top 4 Accounting Trends of 2021

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Tom Fogden

Writer at Tech.co


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