6 Simple Ways to Level Up Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

Friday, November 4, 2022

If you’ve already tried various social media marketing tactics before, but haven’t yet seen the results you were hoping for, take a look at these simple ways to level up your social media presence.

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6 Simple Ways to Level Up Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

The average social media user spends two and a half hours networking, consuming content and chatting with friends, family and strangers.

As a business, you thus have a decent window to insert yourself and grab your target audience’s (fickle) attention.

Here are 6 simple ways you can get more attention for your brand via social media.

1. Make sure your profiles look professional

Your first step in boosting your social media presence is ensuring that all of your profiles look professional. You’ve probably already tackled some of these points, but do run through our checklist and make sure:

  • Use the same photos, branding, color scheme, tagline and information across all of your profiles. The cohesion will boost brand credibility and make you more recognizable.
  • Make sure to use the right profile and cover photo size for each social network.
  • Use the most relevant hashtags for each of the posts you’re publishing.
  • Untag yourself from any mention that you find inappropriate.
  • Make sure all the links you post are working before you hit publish.
  • Pin your most important content to the top of your profile.

Also, don’t forget to make sure your profile is public. Then, use the right keywords in your tagline and profile description to ensure that your target audience can easily discover you. As you spot new trends or expand your services or products, change your social media profiles to fit the new state of things.

2. Publish high-quality content frequently

One of the reasons people will flock to social media is to be entertained or seek out specific information. If you don’t provide either or both regularly, you’ll miss out on a huge opportunity to capitalize on your following.

This does not mean you need to overshare or overpost. The sweet spot seems to be once or twice a day but no more than three or four times. The only exception to this rule is if your followers want access to time-sensitive information.

Take a look at MarketBeat and their Twitter profile. They post several times a day, but the information they share is urgent in a financial sense. Their high posting frequency makes them more relevant and reliable.

MarketBeat Twitter profile example


You don’t want to crowd your follower’s feeds, but you do want to remind them that you’re out there and that you have some new content for them.

Posting frequently will also mean the algorithm will promote you more often, so you’ll be served to non-followers too. This gives you a chance to connect with more leads and convert them over time.

3. Take advantage of mentions

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your brand is being discussed on social media. You have no control over this. What you do control is your response to being mentioned.

Wherever someone talks about your company, there’s an opportunity to promote your brand, one of your services, or even a specific feature in your product.

There’s no shortage of reliable social media monitoring tools on the market. These tools allow you to find conversations between people who may be very hot leads and to respond to them in a way that maximizes the chance of a conversion.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to respond with a link to a piece of content or a landing page that’s highly relevant to the conversation.

Take a look at what FE International did when they found a Twitter thread discussing platforms that broker the sales on online businesses.

Twitter screenshot of FE International interaction


Having already published a landing page that focuses on the needs of entrepreneurs interested in buying an online business, the company social media manager was able to interject with an incredibly helpful tweet that not only increased the brand’s visibility, but took advantage of a very hot lead.

4. Create a dedicated community

Fostering a community on social media is a great way to boost your engagement rates as well as to offer some real value to your followers.

Since the group will already be highly targeted, it allows you to improve your conversion rate, as you already know these people are interested and attentive. As they’re also able to learn from each other (and you), they’ll want to spend time in the group, especially if it’s not open to everyone.

The group also allows you to get honest feedback and test some of your ideas before you develop, launch or market a new product.

The group has to be specialized. You can’t just call it “fans of our brand.” – it needs to gather people who are interested in something your brand can help them with. Aura, for example, has a Facebook group for Amazon FBA wholesale sellers. It clearly won’t appeal to everyone, but it will specifically appeal to their audience, and the value of membership is obvious.

Screenshot of Aura's Facebook group


5. Maintain a consistent tone and visual style

Think of your social media presence as an extension of your website. You’re using it to direct traffic, so to speak, and get interested parties to see your offer.

Consistency becomes very important here. It helps strengthen your bond with followers, and those who are not yet followers will be able to identify your brand when they see it again. Think of any major household name. You can identify their logo, website and social media posting style very easily.

Your consistent branding will also help you tell your story and communicate your values and what your brand stands for.

Kinsta is a good example of consistency. All of their social profiles, including their Instagram, are branded with their signature colors, fonts and style. It’s very easy to recognize their posts when they pop up on your feed.

Kinsta screenshot example of using consistent colours in branding


6. Support your followers

Don’t forget to leverage social media to lend a helping hand to your followers. Respond to their questions and provide information when they ask for it. You’ll not only help someone but also demonstrate care and dedication.

Check out ATH and how they chat with their customers. When asked where their products can be found, they take the time to respond and show their followers they are there, listening. 

ATH Instagram screenshot of interaction with customers


You can also jump in when people mention you on social media and thank them for being fans or for recommending your products. User-generated content is definitely a feature you want on your profiles, but make sure to always ask before you share.

Wrapping up

To up your social media presence, you don’t have to start spending twice as much time online as you do now. All you need to do is carefully consider what you say and how you say it, and take some of our advice to heart.

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