7 Effective Tips for Growing Sales Using Social Media

Friday, March 9, 2018

Are you having difficulty in growing your online business sales through social media? A highly focused social media campaign can open endless opportunities for your business, and it will also increase your sales.

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7 Effective Tips for Growing Sales Using Social Me

Start Using All the Relevant Social Media Platforms

You have to create accounts on all the relevant social media platforms, it doesn't matter if you are unfamiliar with them, but if your customers are using them, then you need to be as well. Research where your customers spend the most time and investigate whether using these platforms will benefit you. Whilst a large segment of your customers may be avid instagrammers, utilizing the photo-first platform may not be the most sensible if you haven’t got the time or resources to invest it.

Timing of the Posts

The second thing to remember is the timing of your post on above mentioned social media platforms; you have to think about your audience in order to reach them. When setting a post's time, it’s critical that you should look at;

  • What drove the social conversation in previous months?
  • Are any moments or dates in the current time that you see as potentially impacting your content?
  • What time zone is your audience and what time of the day are they most active? Different platforms will have different times when their users are most active.

Don't overcook things; try avoiding constantly broadcasting your messages. Post only a few times a week is a great approach to start with otherwise your audience will get bored of you; no one likes to see the same brand again and again. As you post more content and your audience grows, post your content more regularly.

Purpose of the Posts

The ultimate purpose of using social media is to increase sales by acquiring the attention of your audience. To catch their attention, you must use a variety of different themed posts. Emotional and funny posts often have the highest levels of interaction and can be much more effective in getting your message across.

Keep an Eye on Your Customers

Other than posting stuff on social media; keeping a finger on the pulse of your customers helps you overcome tricky situations;

  • Read comments and feedback from your customers
  • Try to get to know their emotions and reactions about your products

This level of social listening will help you to maintain the quality of your products and services which is an essential aspect of increasing sales.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags help you to expand and increase your reach beyond your audience and followers. Using relevant hashtags on the end of your social posts can help you to unlock a wider audience, but make sure the hashtags you use relate to your product and what you’re posting about.

Use Visual Content

Visual content is very useful in getting the attention of your audience; all social platforms are very well designed for the sharing of visual content so it’s important to leverage this. Use memorable images, videos, and gifs in your posts regularly. A good use of visual content will help your posts get more shares so it will also be helpful in increasing the size of your audience.

Invest in Social Media Marketing

All the social media platforms have millions of users. To get out of your limited audience, you must invest in social media marketing. Every social media platform has an option of promoting content through advertisement which will result in increasing the visibility of your brand to your relevant target audience and will further improve your chances of driving sales from social media.

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