Your Lit Guide to Marketing to Millennials


Will MossContent Marketing Specialist for Siege Media

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Now that they’re the largest generational group in the United States, effectively marketing to millennials should be a top priority for businesses looking to stay relevant.

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Your Lit Guide to Marketing to Millennials [Infographic]

Millennials are ‘digital natives’, which means they’ve grown up using technology and are more familiar with the digital tools that are now shaping the economy than their older, digital immigrant counterparts. Although social media has been at the center of attention for this generation, it’s not the only strategy necessary for effectively reaching this group.

This has changed how many businesses try to reach consumers, and the internet has become a digital scoreboard where people now go to applaud brands who have successfully done so, and mock those who have failed. Millennials value freedom of thought and personal expression, which often leads them to share their skepticism of specific businesses on social media.

To help you better understand this dynamic and influential generation, we’ve put together this infographic with tips on how to approach winning them over, and a few examples of attempts that haven’t done as well. You can see the full post at CleverTap.

CleverTap reveals how brands can better market to millennials to stay relevant

Will Moss

Content Marketing Specialist for Siege Media

Will is a content marketing specialist from San Diego, where he helps create epic content for companies like CleverTap.


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