4 Personalities Every Marketing Department Needs [Quiz]


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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Marketing departments are a diverse mix of personalities but does yours have the four you need?

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4 Personalities Every Marketing Department Needs

Like most areas of business, the best marketing departments are diverse, consisting of professionals with a variety of skills, talent, experience and points of view. This makes your company more profitable and productive, and even increases the chances that your team will be happy at work.


Does your team have these four must-have personalities? And, if so, who's who in your department?

The Artist

People may not immediately think of creativity as being a core part of marketing but the reality is that it's the heart and soul of any good campaign. The Artist is the one that drives these creative ideas. They don't just come up with their own fresh and engaging plans but are able to take input from the rest of the team and evolve it into something much more exciting.

The Nitpicker

Their ability to spot the shortfalls of others may not make them the most popular person on the team but The Nitpicker is one of the most valuable. Regardless of your position, everyone needs that one professional that will tell them honestly where they have made errors. Of course, this should never become a personal attack; however, Nitpickers are able to push the whole team to their full potential. This not only means that each and every campaign has a solid foundation but also drives other team members to go that extra mile.

The Scientist

Data-driven marketing is such a big part of campaigns that you can't survive without a Scientist or two on your team. They can effectively track and manage the KPIs and metrics set for each campaign but can also interpret this data to make recommendations for the future. The most talented Scientists are also able to take this information and bring it together into one cohesive customer profile, allowing your team to make suggestions about how to target and engage any audience.

The Networker

We all know a Networker, and their ability to leverage their personal connections for the greater marketing good makes them a must-have for any team. Whether it's a contact they have that can directly help a campaign get the engagement it needs or a professional connection that will better guide your ideas, they are worth their weight in gold. However, it's also these interpersonal skills that make them a core of your team, helping ease conflict and ensure everyone gets their time to shine.

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