How to Incorporate Video Into Your Content Strategy


Ashley LipmanContent Marketing Specialist

Monday, January 11, 2021

Video is an incredibly powerful tool - it can boost engagement, drive conversions and create loyalty. But how do you ensure you're using it correctly in your content strategy?

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How to Incorporate Video Into Your Content Strategy

When it comes to marketing, the content you are creating and churning out can have a huge impact. Content marketing helps you reach new customers, improve brand awareness, build loyalty and build credibility in your space.

While it’s important to use blog posts and other text-based pieces of content, don’t forget to use video. Not only can video help create a better emotional connection, but it can also improve your SEO efforts and offer better user engagement.

But how do you go about successfully incorporating video into your content strategy? Whether you decide to use a corporate video maker tool to create them yourself or hire a specialist agency, this article is going to go over how you can incorporate video into your content strategy.

Use videos to demonstrate the benefits of your products/services

One of the best ways that you can use videos in your content strategy is by demonstrating the benefits of your product or service. Sure, it’s great to write about them, but why not show people instead of telling them? People consume video much easier and quicker and will understand your product or service much better after watching a 60-second video than reading a 1000 word blog post.

You could also allow customers and users to submit their own videos showcasing their use of your product, or how they made use of your services. This extra content could help others learn unique ways to use your products or service and can help boost customer engagement as people will want to be featured on your website or social media accounts.

Don’t forget about live video

Live video has become extremely popular in recent years. While it was once reserved for celebrities and other individuals to provide updates to their fans or followers, it is now an incredibly popular tool for businesses.

Live video is great for answering customer questions, speaking about an upcoming product or event, or even giving tutorials on your products or services. They don’t need to be scripted or perfect, as many customers and viewers enjoy the “real” feel of live videos. It’s also great for more casual and behind-the-scenes content. Putting this type of content out there from time to time can help people feel more connected to your company.

Ensure you craft the “right” video

While finding ways to use videos is crucial, you also need to make sure the videos you are using are high-quality and right for your strategy. First, you need to ensure the video provides value. Sure, the goal of the video might be to show off your product, but you need to craft the video in a way that provides value to the viewer.

This could be by entertaining them, educating them or informing them. The video itself should also match up well with your brand identity and be something on-brand. If the video is completely different from your other content, it could confuse your customers.

Lastly, you should make sure the video is the right length. While the best video length for each platform can differ, in general, shorter videos will perform better than longer ones. Be sure to use something to catch the viewer's attention immediately. In the age of social media, people have incredibly short attention spans and won’t want to sit around watching a video if you can’t pique their interest early on.

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