How to Adapt Your Marketing for Lockdown and Beyond

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

2020 has – and continues to be – a tricky year for businesses. Some have seen their workload increase drastically, whereas others have had to downscale operations or close altogether. Looking to the future, it becomes more and more obvious that now is the time to really be concentrating your marketing efforts.

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How to Adapt Your Marketing for Lockdown and Beyond

In a world suffering from the immediate and long-term repercussions of a global pandemic we might have to change some of the ways that we carry out our marketing to ensure it stays effective. COVID-19 hasn’t necessarily changed things beyond imagination, but it has certainly sped up some of the changes that we were expecting to see over the next few years and decades.

It’s all about experience

As buying becomes easier and options become wider, businesses should be becoming increasingly focused on creating an excellent customer experience. This could mean anything from ensuring that your staff are fully trained in customer service to setting up integrated technology within your physical shop.

You could think about opening up trendy pop-up shops in local areas to attract new customers and tempt back old customers. Modifying a shipping container could be a great option for many reasons, but especially as they’re cost-effective.

“They are relatively inexpensive to create. Compared to renting a space, where you will not only need to pay the rent but also a deposit, a shipping container is better value for money. Paying rent is ‘dead’ money…” - SJ Containers


A smaller pop-up shop would be cheaper to create and run than a traditional store and could offer a more personal experience that would prove unique, quirky, and above all, memorable for customers.

Get your online presence sorted

With more people working from home, physical advertising is becoming less effective. Instead of going outdoors people are spending more time online, so this is where you should be concentrating your efforts.

Ensure your website is in tip-top shape, that your social media is kept up to date and that your business’s SEO in order. This will allow people to be able to find you easily and get in touch with you when they need to.

Use these channels and your email newsletters to show your customers that you are open (if you are) and at what times, what you’re doing to keep your staff and customers safe from the virus, how you’re getting on and any other news. With so many people isolated and stuck in doors, now’s the time to connect with your customers, and the internet can help you do this.


In a world where we’ve begun to understand the realities of lockdown, we’ve also seen people appreciating being able to see their loved ones more. Whether this has a long-lasting effect or not still remains to be seen.

Messaging about being kind to each other and helping others is always prevalent at Christmas time but this year it seems to be even more appropriate. So why not try to switch up your marketing messaging to be more focused on helping each other out and being grateful for what we have?

You could also back this up with your business taking steps to help locally, nationally, or internationally. Consumers love to see businesses giving back to the world, and by supporting others you’re putting your marketing message into action. By showing that you care about others, you’ll also show that you care about them.

Evelyn James


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