Conversion Hacks to Maximize Your Website’s Potential


Karthik ReddyCommunity Manager at Website Builder

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

If you’re a website owner, one of your top goals is likely to improve your website’s conversion. Building traffic is awesome, however, without a website that optimizes that traffic and converts it to sales, your website’s traffic is being wasted.

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Conversion Hacks to Maximize Your Website’s Potential [Infographic]

Considering that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses just like yours, looking to convert a viewer into a customer, building a high converting business is imperative in ensuring your website stands above your competitors online and is capable of building strong viability. Unfortunately many brands don’t have the budgets for a trial-and-error approach to optimizing conversion.

Thankfully market data from around the internet exists, with tried and tested methods of boosting your conversion, as it has for many of the world’s top online brands. These brands have taken the guesswork out of conversion by market testing a variety of strategies that truly work. Here are 3 of the best of those conversion optimization hacks guaranteed to work.

Add Video

Video on a website is likely the top conversion optimization hack available to you and your website. The data on video conversion points to it improving conversion by, in some cases, up to 400%. Many of the world’s top brands know the value of video on their conversion, and in 2018, content will be the king of conversion. A great example of this is, who was able to increase conversion by 400% by adding a product demonstration video to their site. Video is a great addition to your site that has been proven to improve conversion exponentially.

Use Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are another under-used but highly converting addition to a website. Customer reviews and testimonials allow businesses to receive feedback from existing customers and show off the benefits of your product or service. Additionally, rather than a customer relying on the credibility of your sales and call-to-action copy writing, reviews and testimonials allow the customer to hear firsthand why your product is a great choice from people just like them.

Go Mobile

With over 5 billion smart phones in use, chances are a huge segment of your traffic is coming from mobile browsers on mobile devices. Not catering to that segment can have a direct negative impact on your conversion rate. Ensuring your website is optimized for mobile traffic is key to improving conversion. The best way of doing this is to ensure your website has a responsive layout that will look good and adjust to work well on any device with any size screen.

These three tips are just a few of the top optimization hacks that can positively impact your site’s conversion. Adding video, reviews or testimonials and ensuring your website is optimized for mobile are some of the best ways to instantly boost conversion. These strategies have worked and are working in the marketplace by brands just like yours.

For even more great tips, tricks and hacks to further skyrocket your conversion, check out the 46 conversion hacks below that are sure to get you the most bang for buck on your websites traffic.

46 conversion rate optimization hacks for ecommerce websites

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