Customer Service Statistics Every Marketer Should Know


Pem BrookeMarketing Manager of Superstaff

Friday, November 1, 2019

Although the term customer service has been around for decades, marketers seem to have only taken notice of its value in recent years.

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Customer Service Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

Through understanding that delivering unrivaled customer service and thriving in the ever-competitive modern market are codependent, senior-level leaders are now shifting their focus on better serving their clients. In fact, 60% of businesses have made it their priority.

Today, businesses across the globe—from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations—are striving to achieve the best customer service they can offer as it brings a wide array of advantages. Aside from the undeniable benefits, customer service can also make or break a business because:

  • 78% of customers abandoned an intended purchase due to poor customer service
  • 91% of customers never come back once they’ve experienced bad customer service

Surely, these appalling customer service statistics got your attention—now, it’s time to dive deeper into the topic.

The role of customer data

Customer data analysis is not only essential in accurately targeting your organization’s potential customers and developing data-driven marketing strategies, but is also a critical element in delivering seamless customer experience.

Since customer experience has rapidly risen to be a top business priorities, companies have been looking for ways to harness the power of big data in tracking consumer behavior. Such data can be derived from a myriad of sources, including social media insights, website interactions, and rate of repeat customers.

Through tracking data points, you can gain valuable insight into the pain points of your customers. Understanding and analyzing their needs and wants will allow you to fine-tune your approach; to provide better customer service, make well-informed decisions, and ultimately, achieve business goals.

How to improve your brand’s customer service and experience

Delivering unparalleled customer service can help drive customer loyalty which, in turn, can help the business thrive, rather than simply survive. To achieve this, here’s what marketers can do:

1. Train your employees

Whether your business needs a front-desk, customer-facing staff, or an efficient automated system, training plays a crucial role in carrying out impeccable customer experience. By having the necessary resources, hiring the right people for the job, and providing training, you can confidently and consistently deliver exceptional customer service and exceed expectations.

2. Employ a more personalized approach

Nowadays, customers appreciate the value of a personalized, human-to-human approach more than ever before. People no longer want to put up with businesses treating them as just another customer or simply seeing them as a viable revenue stream. Rather than conducting business in a traditional, more transactional way, adapt to the changing needs of consumers.

3. Make feedback more accessible

It’s important for marketers to implement measures to help them evaluate the current state of their customer service. Whether you manage a brick-and-mortar store or run an ecommerce business, you must have an accessible performance assessment program in place for your customers—it can be in the form of a survey, comment cards, or suggestion box.

4. Implement a well-designed, seamless process

A seamless, intuitive, simple, and hassle-free process can be beneficial to both the business and your customers. As it can considerably reduce the time your customers spend on completing a transaction, you can expect a spike in your sales rate, while considerably boosting customer satisfaction and overall experience.

5. Have a loyalty program in place

Further drive customer satisfaction by implementing loyalty programs and reward systems. Not only will it help secure repeat customers, but it can also help attract more prospects, motivate them to take action, and improve the company’s bottom line.

6. Prioritize customer issues

According to research, exceeding expectations has little to do with customer loyalty and more to do with solving their problems timely. With 94% of customers reporting that they’re willing to purchase from the same company, despite encountering issues, you can’t overlook the gravity of promptly dealing with their complaints.

7. Continually work on improving your customer service

Be it positive or negative feedback, you must see them as a valid and constructive evaluation of your customer service. By seeking the honest opinion of your customers and going through their comments, you can assess your performance and work on your weaknesses, improve the overall experience, and exceed expectations.

Keep your customers happy and loyal to your brand by exploring the top must-know customer service statistics for every marketer.

A collection of customer service statistics every small business needs to know

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