Everything You Need to Know About a Sales Performance Analysis [Infographic]

Garret Norris

Garret NorrisFounder and CEO of Healthy Business Builder and Business Coaches Sydney

Friday, August 31, 2018

Sales performance analysis is one of the core activities in a successful sales organization. Without it, the business wouldn’t be able to run a productive sales team, or even achieve its sales targets. Here’s the what, why and how that you need to know.

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What is a sales performance analysis anyway? Why do businesses need one? And how can you perform one today?

Simply put, the sales performance analysis is a tool that helps a business answer the questions “Where are we?” and “Where do we need to be?” While the name itself is quite straightforward, it is a complex undertaking that requires several data sources in order to produce insight that is truly valuable and actionable. In fact, many successful organizations have their sales leaders undergo management training for the purpose of learning how to conduct an effective sales performance analysis.

When done right, a sales performance analysis can produce significant benefits. It will allow business leaders to measure their present resources against their established sales missions, goals, and objects. It will also help the sales manager to make better business decisions, especially when allocating resources to the right sales activities.

For a more elaborate explanation about the significance of a sales performance analysis, check out this infographic from Kona.

Everything You Need to Know About a Sales Performance Analysis [Infographic]

Author: Beginning in 1988 in Hotel Management in Dublin, Ireland, Garret worked in the hospitality industry in the UK for three years and then moved to sales and sales management, becoming the CEO of multiple multi-million dollar companies.  Garret now lives and works in Australia and has become an expert in Strategic Sales, Business Coaching, Executive coaching, Strategy planning as well as Business Growth at KONA Group. Garret has been instrumental in developing the primary building blocks of competitiveness over the past three decades.


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