Close More Deals with These Psychology-Backed Techniques


Chi WhitleyJunior Content Marketing Specialist at Siege Media

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

As the world becomes more connected and digitalized, businesses need to stand out to stay relative and to gain both traction and followers. The likelihood of your content going viral is slim, but knowing your target audience and going after them will make all of the difference in your sales.

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To better target your audience, you need to understand the psychology behind selling. For instance, if your target audience is Millennials or Gen Z, be aware that they want minimalism in their lives. When these two generational groups are on your website, they should be able to easily understand what you can offer them and how it benefits their lives.

Design a minimal website by limiting the copy and text on your website’s pages to only what is necessary. Also, only have one or two call to actions (CTAs) on your landing pages. These CTAs should be easily accessible and in the same location on each landing page.

For more strategies on the psychology behind selling, see this visual from RentSpree that explains which colors evoke which emotions, how to use the rule of three in slogans, and best practices when it comes to your CTAs.

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Chi Whitley

Junior Content Marketing Specialist at Siege Media

Chi is a content creator and blog writer based in Austin, TX. When he’s not writing or brainstorming SEO-backed ideas, you can find him outside hiking or throwing a frisbee. 


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