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Report Crown Commercial Service Spend Analysis and Recovery Services (SARS)

Spend Analysis and Recovery Services (SARS): Protecting Taxpayer's Money from Incorrect Payments

Protecting taxpayers’ money from incorrect payments...

In times of economic austerity, saving money and finding every spare pound is a necessity. However, finding time to analyse all outgoings, to ensure suppliers to the public sector are only ever paid what they’re owed, is a huge challenge. Whilst what happens in the private sector is informative, real value can be gained by looking at the way the US government are tackling the issue of incorrect and improper payments.

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This paper takes a look at the US model and explores what learnings can be applied to our own public sector. Chapters include:

  • How the US is tackling incorrect payments 
  • Identifying incorrect payments 
  • The issue of cost effectiveness 
  • Applying the learnings in the UK public sector