The Science-Backed Schedule for Optimum Productivity

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Effective time management has never been more important. For business owners, managers, and employees alike, knowing the best times of day to get things done can make a critical difference to professional success.

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The Science-Backed Schedule for Optimum Productivity

Mobile technology, cloud-sharing, and high-speed internet mean that our work is more mobile and accessible than ever before. There are so many potential advantages in terms of flexible working hours, and remote-work opportunities, but it’s really important to make sure that you use your time effectively to avoid getting into ineffective work habits, overworking, and exposing yourself to digital burnout.

It helps to understand how performance is affected by people’s natural circadian rhythms, as well as the work culture patterns that reveal how people respond to different tasks throughout the day. For example, you’ll have much more success if you schedule a strategic planning meeting mid-morning than last thing in the afternoon, as people’s brains are more tuned-in to problem solving earlier on.

Headway Capital have gathered data and advice from the fields of neuroscience, business culture, and social media, to create a science-led guide that breaks down the working day into twelve key time-slots that are peak performance times for different work tasks.

This guide will help you establish an effective schedule to manage your workload.

Headway Capital reveals the peak time of day businesses should allocate for important tasks

Lorraine Kipling

Lorraine Kipling is a freelance writer and editor from Manchester, UK. She writes for NeoMam Studios.


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