4 Apps to Make Managers More Effective


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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Apps can help managers improve their effectiveness and productivity while also ensuring their schedule and team are organised. Here are four of the best to try.

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4 Apps to Make Managers More Effective

When it comes to managing a team, it is important to be as effective and productive as possible. Whether you have a large or small team to get organised, it's vital to take steps to make sure you know what is being done, if there are any deadlines and what you need to chase up.

On top of this, you also need to ensure regular communication with your team, deal with disputes and be ready to step in should any problems arise. Even with the best-laid plans, this can all be difficult to manage, especially when new tasks are brought to your attention on a daily basis.

Luckily, there are ways that you can better organise your time, keep track of your to-do list and be an effective manager, all through your apps. There are a number of apps that can improve effectiveness and could be beneficial for your team as well as yourself.

Universal Password Manager

As a manager, you probably have access to numerous sites and accounts, each of which will require a different password for security reasons. It can be difficult to memorise all of these passwords, especially those for accounts you don't often use, and yet writing them all down isn't secure or practical.

The Universal Password Manager is an easy and safe way to keep all your passwords in one place, making it much simpler to find the one you need. Your passwords are all stored in one database, which is encrypted with a master password.


Being able to visualize projects or everyday tasks and see how far along you and others are can be invaluable when it comes to being as organized as possible. While you can write lists and have internal chat channels to talk through projects, it is easy for aspects of them to get lost in translation or forgotten about.

Trello allows you to plan out every part of a project or create a board for daily or weekly activities. You can make boards for various aspects of your job, each with individual cards for each task. These can be moved around by those within the board, allowing you to see when things have been done, what you need to chase up and what hasn't been moved in a while.

The simple setup and design means that Trello saves you a lot of time while also ensuring you stay on top of things.


With flexible and home working becoming more commonplace, you may find that you have team members in other offices or locations who still need to be included in training sessions and meetings. One of the simplest ways to do this to allow for full team collaboration is through video conferencing.

Using Zoom allows you to talk to your full team at the same time, with capability for up to 25 people or computers to participate in each session. The HD video ensures no one misses anything, which is especially beneficial as you can screen share presentations and use a whiteboard function to take notes during the session.


If you still find that having a to-do list is helpful when it comes to making you a more effective manager, use a helpful calendar app to create one rather than phone memos or scribbling a list on paper. 2Do helps you to create an advanced to-do list, including actions, tags and locations, along with a search function.

The app syncs with the cloud so you can access your list on several devices and uses smart scheduling to update throughout the day when your next task is soon due. The result is a simple and effective way of keeping track of what you need to do, including everything from writing reports to making calls.

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