How to Defeat Those ‘Iceberg Tasks’ That Ruin Your Productivity

Monday, July 15, 2019

There’s nothing worse than seeing how many minutes, hours, and days you’ve wasted because you got stuck behind a so-called ‘iceberg task’; an insurmountable piece of work that sinks your productivity because you can’t ignore it but you can’t get around or through it to the rest of your workload. You get nothing done because you couldn’t get one thing done.

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How to Defeat Those ‘Iceberg Tasks’ That Ruin Your Productivity

In other words, you can give your productivity a disproportionately-sized boost if you can just figure out how to get started on that one task that you’re resisting. Resisting because it’s difficult, or not fun, or because you just aren’t in the mood.

One excellent way to proceed is to take that first chip off the iceberg. Identify the ‘transition point’ – the single ‘sub-task’ that needs to be done to get you started – and you’ll soon find yourself chipping away at the rest of the iceberg, which gets smaller and smaller until you break through it.

Of course, it’s not always that simple, which is why NetCredit have created this new infographic explaining a number of other techniques you can use to obliterate that nightmare task. Because you’re not going to get anywhere fast just standing there, thinking about how big it looks.

This infographic visualizes how to beat procrastination and get on with tasks you’ve been avoiding

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