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Ebook Intelex Environmental, Health & Safety Blueprint

How to Drive Proactive Improvements Across Your Business

Recent global research reveals that over 75% of European organizations fear losing business to competitors showcasing better health and safety practices. In North America, 86% of businesses acknowledge the risk of losing skilled workers if their health and safety culture doesn't improve. In both regions, approximately 75% of respondents express concerns that inadequate ESG performance could damage their organizations' brands and reputations. It's evident that success in health and safety (H&S) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives directly impacts business performance. This guide assists in evaluating the maturity of your current programs, offering a framework aligned with broader business objectives. It provides actionable steps to enhance maturity over time.

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Proactive Health and Safety Importance

  • ESG performance harms brands and reputations.
  • Transition requires assessing programs and aligning with business objectives.