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Ebook Intelex - Engaging Workers Growing Business Protecting the Planet

How improving EHS and ESG performance can drive competitive advantage

In recent years, the EHS and ESG landscape has rapidly evolved beyond mere compliance. Forward-thinking organisations, exemplified by Intelex, recognise the potential of EHS and ESG in driving diverse business outcomes—from enhancing hiring and retention to distinguishing their brands and impacting market success. Research emphasises growing concerns about the potential negative effects of EHS and ESG practices on overall business performance, prompting a surge in the adoption of connected ESG technology among European leaders. Explore this insight for a deeper understanding of the evolving dynamics of EHS and ESG.

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EHS and ESG Performance: A Competitive Advantage

  • 39% of businesses prioritise technology and training for improved health and safety.
  • EHS and ESG can drive wider business results like improved hiring, retention, and brand differentiation.
  • Over 700 professionals from 10 countries respond to research.
  • Key focus areas: employee engagement, environmental protection, and departmental silos.