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Ebook RPA: Myths Vs. Reality

RPA: Myths Vs. Reality

By now everyone has heard about RPA, Robotic Process Automation. It refers to the use of software robots that mimic the tasks usually performed by humans. RPA is used for automating rule-based processes. By automating repetitive tasks, companies can save both time and money while simultaneously reducing the risk of human error. Industry experts expect that clerical work will be automated in the same way that industrial robotics automate production on the factory floor. Despite the fact that RPA is relatively new discipline, the technologies themselves are fairly mature.

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This article covers and debunks the most common myths about RPA:

1. Robots will replace humans/ robots will take human jobs

2. RPA Robots are a physical technology

3. RPA Robots are 100% accurate and never fail

4. RPA is expensive/ RPA is not in my budget

5. RPA developers will require special programming skills

6. Robots do not need to be managed; they handle it all