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  • Strategies for successfully managing privileged accounts
Ebook One Identity

Strategies for successfully managing privileged accounts

Mastering identity and access management (IAM) for your standard users is no small feat. But what about your superusers? Those privileged accounts and individuals with elevated access demand a level of management and governance that transcends traditional methods for privileged account management (PAM).

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This e-book will arm you with questions and perspectives you can use to put in place a successful PAM program:

  • Unraveling alternative names for PAM that you should know
  • The undeniable advantages of delegating authority in Windows: Choosing the lesser evil
  • Unleashing the true potential of sudo in PAM
  • When confronted with "all we need is a credential vault," here's your strategic response
  • The four golden rules for mastering the Unix/Linux root account and its administrator