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Report Mimecast Planning for Office 365 Gaps

Planning for Office 365 Gaps

Don't hope for cyber resilience... plan for it!

There is a major shift happening in the world of enterprise IT systems. Many organisations are trading on-premises systems for cloud-based solutions, a move that brings virtually limitless scalability, storage and accessibility – usually at a lower cost and with reduced complexity. But ignoring the gaps that come with relying on a single vendor dramatically increases your risk profile and potential for a negative business impact due to an attack or unintended breach. It doesn’t have to be this way. With proper cyber resilience planning and the right third-party cloud services, you can reduce risk, protect productivity, and make the move to Office 365 with confidence.

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Topics for discussion include:

  • Why you should plan a cyber resilient move to Office 365
  • 3 Office 365 risks to consider
  • Tackling the problems