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Report One Identity

Learn Five Reasons to Invest in Next-Gen Privileged Access Management

Five Ways They Optimize Business Operations and Security

Next-Gen PAM isn’t just about secrets, it's about identities and individual accounts, and entitlements used to grant privileged access to sensitive data and systems. Using an identity-centered approach, Next-Gen PAM solutions enable complete visibility into how the identities or individuals that use those accounts are controlled. You can be sure that a given user has just the right amount of access to privileged information, and can get to it when they need it. Most importantly for audits and compliance, you can prove the level of access and the approval process to provide that access.

Report Snap Shot

To get some insight and a high-level overview of how PAM has evolved and where it is going, get our technical brief. It simplifies down to five reasons why you should be looking at Next-Gen PAM solutions for your organization:

  • Reason 1: Easy to deploy
  • Reason 2: Transparent and frictionless
  • Reason 3: Operations- and automation-ready
  • Reason 4: Scale and transform with your business
  • Reason 5: An identity-centered approach to PAM