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  • Tearing Down a Building Network Using IoT Devices
Webinar Tearing Down a Building Network Using IoT Devices

Tearing Down a Building Network Using IoT Devices

With the advent of the IoT, devices like surveillance cameras and smart lighting systems are now widely available and rapidly being integrated into new and existing smart buildings.

These devices are much cheaper than industrial controllers and far easier to install, but they often lack security features, and vulnerabilities are being discovered with increasing frequency. As the scale of IoT devices grows, so does the need to keep them in check. Using a smart building as their case study, Forescout Labs investigated how IoT devices can be leveraged as an entry point to a building’s network, where legacy OT assets, IT systems and IoT devices all intersect.

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  • How the IoT is impacting the organizational threat landscape
  • The additional risks that IoT devices introduce
  • How to evolve your cybersecurity strategy for the age of IoT