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Report JUNIPER NETWORKS Five Must-Haves for Next-Gen SD-WAN Solutions

Five Must-Haves for Next-Gen SD-WAN Solutions

SD-WANs have come a long way since their introduction at the beginning of the 21st century. As such, two classes of users now face the need to upgrade.

Although every business relies on the internet, the truth is that networking was never designed to securely handle today’s experience-rich application environments. The modern internet is fraught with bad actors pouring resources into new ways to gain access to protected information, exfiltrate sensitive data and infect systems with malware or ransomware that can bring an organization to its knees. This paper explores: The evolution of 1st Generation SD-WANs, what to consider when evaluating next-generation offerings and how to address the future of secure networks.

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  • SD-WAN Challenges
  • Network Routing Must Evolve
  • Next-Gen SD-WAN: What the Enterprise Wants