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Report Aryaka 2019 SD-WAN Growth Outlook Report

2019 SD-WAN Growth Outlook Report

CIOs and IT professionals are being incentivized to look at new SD-WAN solutions that can both increase organizational flexibility and take away some of the management headaches of networking.

Futuriom has been closely following this market for the past six years, including correctly predicting it would be a fertile area for delivering revenue growth in enterprise networking. Since our SD-WAN Growth Report Report last year, Futuriom has conducted dozens of end-user interviews, surveyed the pattern of activity among SD-WAN vendors, and conducted surveys with leading service providers and customers. This year’s report presents the trends we see in the market, based on endmarket primary research.

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What you will learn:

  • The top drivers for SD-WAN
  • Business SD-WAN use cases and features
  • The different architectures and strategies for enterprise SD-WAN
  • Market growth projections
  • Aryaka's leadership in delivering a fully-managed, end-to-end global SD-WAN service for the cloud-first era.