The State of IT: Insights for 2018


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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Although a new year can mean many things, for those professionals working in IT, it can often mean a whole bunch of new challenges.

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The State of IT: Insights for 2018

Many IT departments suffer a constant stream of headaches from employee queries and stakeholder demands, so juggling these issues whilst keeping an eye on what’s new can often be tricky.

With a lack of resources and strain on staff to perform more than they’re capable of, the IT department can often feel underappreciated and overworked. Understanding the challenges is the first step to achieving harmony within the business and enable employees to work productively.

But simply knowing what the challenges are isn’t enough to be able to conquer them and so it’s vital that professionals look at how challenges are connected to certain aspects of the business and identify areas that can help to alleviate this strain.

Additionally, knowing and understanding current trends will not only allow the IT department to plan for the future, but will allow them to create a full implementation strategies. Understanding the current state of IT and how other companies are handling the same issues can be vital in demonstrating to stakeholders the practicalities of certain requests and what needs to change in order for the IT department to cope with these demands.

Likewise, knowing which trends are currently hot can allow businesses to focus their restricted efforts and resources on priority areas that will be able to directly impact the day-to-day running of the business, whilst conserving time and money whilst doing so, instead of being stretched in all directions.

This infographic compiles the key statistics from the report and aims to provide a unique insight into the functionalities of IT and what is to come in 2018. Armed with a better understanding of the current state of IT, businesses will be able to ensure this year is a success.

IFP reveals The State of IT: Insights for 2018

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