7 Tech Tips to Spring Clean Your Business


Gerry SoCFO and Co-founder of Okappy

Friday, March 30, 2018

As the seasons change and Winter slowly warms into a light Spring, it’s a good time for clearing out and organizing our homes. How about turning your attention to spring cleaning your business?

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7 Tech Tips to Spring Clean Your Business

The huge selection of technology available to businesses can be overwhelming. So, as the days get longer, what better time to pause and take a look at how your business is operating. Following are our 7 top tips for spring cleaning your business.

1. Get Google Savvy

Google has many extensions which businesses use on a day-to-day basis. If you don’t already, work on shared projects then Google Docs or Google Sheets can simplify your working process. Never mind sharing versions of documents and never knowing which is the most recent - Google docs can track and follow changes in real time. Google drive can also streamline the document storing and sharing problem that many businesses now seem to face. Collaborative working is paving the way for the future of remote and mobile working, so get Google savvy and start seeing the benefits in your business.

2. Increase Efficiency With Applications

The multitude of applications which are now available to ease issues at work is vast. For example, Okappy is a job management smartphone and web application that can improve your cash flow by streamlining business operations. The app allows companies to seamlessly connect with employees, customers and subcontractors through a networked approach to traditional job management. Smartphone apps are a simple step towards digital development in your company which can revolutionize the way that your business works through improving visibility and flexibility in a constantly evolving world.

3. Utilize Tech That Works For You

New tech is essential to the development of your company, and it is increasingly impossible to ignore that fact. Make sure that the tech that you employ in your business helps increase efficiency or helps you deliver better customer service. Don’t get distracted by tech that may over promise and under deliver. It is important to remember that any tech you implement needs to works for you and to keep this central to what new tech you buy into and work with. Spring cleaning the tech you use may also be important - delete apps or programs that are sitting dusty on the digital shelf and pick up innovative and practical technology instead. Research before buying into new tech and read case studies and reviews to see how others have benefitted from the product.

4. Improve Peer-to-Peer Communication

Peer to peer communication within your business is of utmost importance, but are you utilizing tech to streamline your business communications? Slack is an application and online chat forum that simplifies in-house communications, so no more lost threads through texting or endless email chains over simple decisions. Pick up on communication applications that make your in-house communications simpler and more efficient.

5. Make Invoicing and Expenses Easy

Zoho is an application and website that takes the stress out of invoicing. Whilst the application Expensify makes putting your expenses together swift and simple. Using applications and websites like these can solve your money worries and leave you more time to work on more important issues - whilst your expenses and invoices take care of themselves.

6. Track Lost Time

When time flies by, it is useful to know where that time has really gone. Are you wasting too much time as a company on admin? Are you spending more time on paperwork instead of growing your business? By installing and working with Tsheets you can see exactly where you and your employees spend most of their time and which programs you are utilizing. This makes priorities easier to establish and also helps cut down on time that is being wasted.

7. Collaborate Creatively

It is not uncommon for employees in a business to be based in different parts of the country, or even the world. Crossing time zones and cultures through remote working can prove tricky but apps such as Trello and Asana simplify project management and bring it all into one place. Work collaboratively and make notes, use multimedia to get your point across and all in real time. Collaborative working apps are paving the way forward for companies to work together.

Technology can help you to “spring clean” your business, but most importantly new tech can increase your business's efficiency and streamline many tasks. Focus on what works for you and how you can us these tech elements to better and improve what you already do. What is your focus in your business? Find it and then follow it, to find the applications and new tech that suits you and your business.

Gerry So

CFO and Co-founder of Okappy


I believe business can be a force for good, but all too often work ends up being painful as companies are overloaded with admin, paperwork and masses of emails. My mission is to improve the working lives of construction companies, giving them complete control of every job every step of the way and have some fun!


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