IT Salary Survey: How Do You Compare?


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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Salaries can vary greatly depending on industry, age and experience, so how do you know you’re being paid in line with your colleagues?

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Tech professional thinking about his salary and whether he is being paid fairly or not

Feeling valued in the workplace can often big a big contributor to job satisfaction. Sometimes when you’ve had a difficult day, week, month or even year, it’s easy to feel undervalued.

Being able to accurately compare your salary with those in your industry can help you to determine exactly how valued you are by the company and whether it’s time to ask for a pay rise. With a better understanding of what others are being paid, you will be in a better position to negotiate that raise with real-world examples at your fingertips.

A deeper understanding of salaries as a whole will enable you to argue your point constructively and demonstrate your value to the company without jeopardizing your position. However, even if a raise isn’t on the cards, understanding where you are in line with your colleagues and fellow professionals can give you a better idea as to how your organization perceives you.

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To do this, you need access to up to date research – especially as colleagues are unlikely to divulge this information to you. To better understand the current state of salaries in IT, Insights for Professionals conducted a salary survey to gauge what professionals were being paid and how that matched their experience and expertise.

Not only did we manage to uncover the current state of salaries within IT, but we also uncovered several interesting statistics that brought to light a much bigger concern; females in IT. It’s common knowledge that there aren’t as many females in IT as other departments in the business and diversifying this has become a top priority for many companies.

Download this report to uncover the secrets of IT salaries, how your salary compares to the industry-average and what major issues the IT sector is currently facing.

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