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Report ibi How to Launch an Enterprise Data Transformation in Six Months

How to Launch an Enterprise Data Transformation in Six Months

Yes, you can spur your organization to adopt an insights-driven culture, and fast. So what are you waiting for?

You’re in a hurry, so we won’t waste your time. You need to turn your organization into one that collects, maintains, and uses data and analytics as efficiently as possible so it runs faster, smarter and more effectively. Information in your organization is spread over dozens of different systems, often in different formats and rarely integrated. Getting everyone in the company to think about issues like data governance is harder than getting kindergartners to floss.

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  • A roadmap to quickly affecting the operational changes and cultural shifts your organization needs, drawn from hard-learned lessons of successful data leaders.
  • A highlighted different theme for each of the first six months of the journey, offering questions to answer or steps to take throughout.