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Webinar Nasuni IT Leaders Speak

Charting a Path to the Cloud: Insights from the Experts

IT Leaders Speak: Why We Moved Our File Shares to the Cloud

IT leaders are under increasing pressure to transform their outdated file infrastructure and find new ways to store, protect, and share their fast-growing file data. In this webinar, IT leaders from Microsoft, Perdoceo, Jerde, and Nasuni reveal why moving their on-premises file servers, NAS, backup, and DR infrastructures to Nasuni and Azure has helped prevent project delays and cost overruns, while also enabling their organizations to better fulfill their missions. Watch this webinar to learn more about why you should move your file share to the cloud.

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As more companies shift to the cloud, reliance on a traditional backup solution is no longer a sound strategy as they may require weeks to recover files and lack the scale needed to handle distributed attacks.