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Report Veeam - 2023 Ransomware Trends Report

2023 Ransomware Trends Report

Lessons learned from 1,200 victims and nearly 3,000 cyber-attack.

Ransomware, a widely discussed yet discreet issue, affects all, with public discourse limited. A recent survey of 1,200 IT leaders exposes vital insights into the aftermath of cyber-attacks and lessons for averting future crises. Notably, 60% of organizations need substantial improvements in backup and cyber teams. Despite 80% opting to pay ransoms, many grapple with elusive recovery. In response, organisations are embracing advanced technologies to enhance readiness against future attacks. As the cyber landscape evolves, these strategies prove indispensable.

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  • Alignment of Cyber and Backup Teams
  • Incident Response Playbook Essentials
  • Ransom Payment Methods
  • Recovery After Ransom Payment