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Webinar Data Science Decoded: An Inside Look

Data Science Decoded: An Inside Look

Data science is a practice most organizations need to stay competitive, but the steps involved in a typical data science process are often misunderstood or under-supported.

Alteryx helps analysts and data scientists succeed by accelerating the data-science lifecycle with role-appropriate modeling tools that foster collaboration and remove dependencies. Watch this live webinar to see what a typical data science process looks like from start to finish, and how you fit in. You’ll discover how anyone, from analysts to data scientists, can start predicting outcomes and prescribing optimal actions for the business.

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  • Utilize visual workflows and code-free modelling to help speed and socialize analytic processes
  • Create and operationalize machine-learning models to make accurate predictions and select the best strategies for success
  • Align to the data mission of your organization and identify any skill gaps keeping you from leveling up your insights + your career