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The State of Learning & Development in 2022


There’s never been a more important time to enable collaborative learning in the workplace. No matter what industry or sector you’re in, seismic shifts are being created through rapid digitalization.


"One in two businesses reported that they're struggling to improve the appraisal process."

The State of L&D in 2022


Is Self-Evaluation the Answer to Your Employee Assessment Challenges?

By getting employees to assess their own progress, valuable two-way communication could be established.

Employment Hero A Manager's Guide to Performance Reviews

A Manager's Guide to Performance Reviews

Ahh, performance reviews. The time of year that managers and employees alike often find themselves dreading. But you shouldn’t be dreading it. And your employees definitely shouldn’t be dreading it. What if we told you that times are changing? That annual performance reviews are out, and giving regular feedback is in?

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Ready to say goodbye to old school annual performance appraisals and learn how to design the perfect performance review experience? Download this workbook.

Cornerstone OnDemand Bridge the Workforce Skills Gap

Bridge the Workforce Skills Gap

Global research from the Cornerstone People Research Lab shows that organisational leaders and employees are rallying around the importance of skills. However, the research identified a serious confidence gap between employers and employees about their ability to consume skills development and showed that it is challenging to develop critical skills in a way that’s effective and meaningful for employees. The acceleration of workplace change, with both short-term shocks and long-term trends, is making employees concerned about a skills deficit and is leaving them feeling insecure about the future of their core skills and roles.

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This e-book offers practical next steps for talent leaders to address and enable skills development to empower their people and organisation.

Learn more with practical steps for developing skills at scale to build stronger, more adaptable and resilient people and organisations.

Choosing and Implementing a New LMS or Migrating to a New Learning Platform?

Whether you're implementing a new LMS or simply migrating to a new learning platform, make sure you allocate the right resources to each stage of the process. Without sufficient planning, the ability to deliver meaningful learning experiences will be difficult.