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  • The State of Learning & Development in 2022/23 [Infographic]
Infographic The State of Learning & Development in 2022/23 [Infographic]

The State of Learning & Development in 2022/23 [Infographic]

How can companies adapt to the new L&D reality in a post-pandemic environment? And how will HR leaders close the existing skill gaps?

Investing in training, employee development and career progression activities is no longer an option but a necessity that shouldn’t be neglected, and companies that don’t risk losing their best talent to competition. This infographic highlights the current state of L&D and the challenges that HR leaders need to overcome.

Report Snap Shot

  • 70% of employees would be somewhat likely to leave an organization in favor of one that invests in employee development
  • 68% of HR leaders said they had a higher staff turnover rate and 63% reported lower quality work

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