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The Future of Collaboration with Google


Work is no longer a physical place. Everyday interactions that once took place in person, like discussions at the office coffee machine or on the way to the next meeting, now happen in digital spaces.

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Dropbox Business Why Businesses Need a Collaboration Strategy

Why Businesses Need a Collaboration Strategy

As knowledge and service work are becoming more global and cross-functional, and less structured, companies turn to technology to foster collaboration and connect employees and teams. Yet implementing a technology solution without an underlying strategy won't solve the problem, lighten the load for valuable employees, nor deliver the results business leaders seek.

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To understand the value of an enterprise collaboration strategy, Forbes Insights is teaming up with Dropbox Business to explain why collaboration efforts go awry and how businesses can build a culture of collaboration to drive value.

The way we work is changing, and developing a more connected digital workspace will be more important than ever.

Successfully deploy Microsoft Teams


Managing and Extending Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has seen a massive upswing in usage. As more people return to work, how do you make the most of this platform as part of a recovery plan and enable a self-service digitized workforce that's more efficient and connected, while not compromising limited IT resources?

CafeX Collaborating Across Company Borders

Collaborating Across Company Borders

Firms are rapidly deploying secure online platforms to help internal teams collaborate more effectively. Unfortunately, these tools are not optimised for cross-company initiatives. Whether your firm seeks to provide more personalised client experiences, deliver remote advisory services, or bring multiple entities together for complex projects, new technologies are needed to support collaboration scenarios that reach beyond company borders.

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  • The rise of team collaboration solutions in the enterprise;
  • How collaborative workspaces break down barriers to effective communication with internal and external stakeholders;
  • Measurable benefits from cloud workspaces.

85% of leaders believe a connected workspace for content, tools, and team collaboration will help improve their business.

Keep your teams connected


49% of organizations are considering permanent WFH.

Future of work: are you ready for what's next


Keep your workforce connected

With proper collaboration tools, you can really take your teamwork to the next level.

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