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Engineering superior sound is at the heart of everything we do, and our people are the driving force that keeps Jabra at the forefront of technology in audio and visual solutions. We are relentless in our mission to improve people’s lives through the power of sound, and our products are designed to make your day better, whatever you’re doing.

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Jabra Headset Benefits in a Unified Communications Environment

Headset Benefits in a Unified Communications Environment

A growing number of organisations are adopting Unified Communications (UC), which integrates email, telephony, instant messaging, voicemail and web conferencing in a single system. This paper presents the results of an independent study into the use of UC-optimised headsets, which investigated the impact of a UK organisation’s move from handsets to headsets in a UC environment and the resulting benefits.

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UC-optimised headsets provide optimum conditions for high quality customer interactions:

  • 50% reduction in typical call length
  • Daily savings of two hours through reduction in call handling and wrap-up
  • Increase in first call resolution
  • Wideband sound so the wearer can hear and be heard by the customers
  • Easy multi-tasking during calls to boost productivity
  • Realising the potential of collaboration opportunitie afforded by a UC environment

Customer satisfaction is increasingly challenged as customer calls get longer and more complex.

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Over 70% of companies have adopted an Open Office approach.

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