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Make Cloud Security Your Top Priority


With growing volumes of data and more mission-critical services residing in the cloud, businesses need to look beyond the firewall to secure their valuable assets.

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What cloud security trends are on the rise?

As more organizations move to the cloud, IT leaders must ensure they don't overlook security. This research report uncovers the key challenges facing IT pros.

Softchoice Understanding Cloud Security Responsibilities and Best Practice

Understanding Cloud Security Responsibilities and Best Practice

Security cannot be an afterthought in the cloud. Between the absence of a traditional perimeter, the complexity of ensuring optimal security configuration, the possibility of unsecured APIs and the movement of workloads between multiple environments, there are many potential vulnerabilities for sophisticated threats to exploit.

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  • Why many organizations now rely on a diverse mix of Iaas, PaaS, and SaaS models to mitigate such risks
  • The IaaS, PaaA and SaaS security models explained
  • What cloud security issues are most frequently overlooked
  • How to ensure more secure cloud services

"45% of IT professionals cited cloud account hijacking as their top threat."

The State of Cloud Security


Cloud Security Buyers Guide

As cloud adoption rises and security risks intensify, CIOs need to ensure they're adopting the right tools to secure and protect their applications, infrastructure and data. But with so many cloud security solutions to choose from, it can be challenging to find a vendor that meets your specific needs.


Gain comprehensive visibility into your cloud

To find a CASB solution that's fit for purpose, what questions should you ask every vendor?

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