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Ebook CrowdStrike 7 Easily Exploited Cloud Misconfigurations

7 Easily Exploited Cloud Misconfigurations

Traditional security measures fall short in the cloud

The sprawling and difficult-to-manage attack surface of cloud environments has led to a proliferation of misconfigurations. These misconfigurations or unsafe settings are unlocked doors that adversaries can exploit to damage, steal or surveil. While adopting best practices can make attacks more difficult, skilled adversaries are still capable of breaking defenses and exploiting new risks outside of the traditional security perimeter. This eBook discusses common cloud misconfigurations with devastating potential for cyber risk.

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Cloud Security Misconfigurations and Recommendations

  • Common misconfigurations: unrestricted access, lack of centralized logging, low-quality alerts, excessive account permissions
  • Recommendations: comprehensive logging, least privilege access, secure credentials, isolated zones
  • Partnership with cloud-native security providers for continuous configuration monitoring and incident response