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The Art of Big Data Management

Manage big data effectively

Understanding big data management will help you cost-effectively collect, maintain and securely use business data to gain key insights – a must for all enterprises.

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The battleground of the future is digital, and AI is the undisputed weapon of choice.

So what are you waiting for?


Only 27% of financial institutions rate the access to data as strong.

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Accelerating AI Maturity: A Guide to Reducing Costs and Creating Value

Accelerating AI Maturity: A Guide to Reducing Costs and Creating Value With AI Applications

According to a NewVantage Partners executive survey, over 90% of business leaders report that challenges to becoming datadriven are people and business process related and not about technology. Resultantly, while technology still plays a role, there are many other facets for organizations aiming to level up their AI maturity to consider. These facets, whether conspicuous or not, ultimately end up playing part in the cost optimization and value creation associated with AI applications.

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“Maturity is the focus on planning for and adapting to either an incremental or transformational process change. It is measured not only by cost reduction, but also by reduced cycle times, lower error rates, scalability, and business agility (the ability to respond or demonstrate insights previously unavailable).” - Gartner, Artificial Intelligence Maturity Model

How to Communicate Business Insights With Data?

Crafting a compelling data story requires a specific skill set. Data storytellers must combine visual design best practices with clear narrative structure to guide data consumers through their insights. Unfortunately, many analysts lack these talents. Now, modern storytelling-oriented BI vendors promise to turn every report and dashboard author into a top-notch data storyteller by building best practices directly into their platforms.

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